Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Digital Citizenship in Secondary Education

I created that is intended to inform you about Digital Citizen inside Secondary Education. Learning more about digital citizenship, I realized how important it is to know. I know when I was in high school we were taught how to cite our work and not plagiarize. We also were shown how bad cyber bullying had gotten. Through Digital Citizenship, students will learn to that they need to cautious with what personal information they put online, because there are risk's on the internet such as Identity Theft. Also, teenagers will learn that everything they put on the internet is all collected, they will be taught that posting inappropriate content could have repercussions. So I hope you enjoy my Prezi and find it informative! Here is my Work Cited!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Learning to unlearn

Teachers need to unlearn things, because technology is constantly upgrading. A teacher cannot be at their full potential unless they have the ability to unlearn and relearn things. A teacher will not be at their full potential if the can not unlearn that learning only occurs in school. Children learn outside of school and are constantly learning. Learning does not have to be a individual task, I was in groups in classes and they were an effective tool for me. The teacher does not have to be an expert at their subject, but they need to be able to help kids grasp concepts and become better critical thinkers and problem solvers.
There are a number of things that I will have to unlearn for when I become a teacher. Adusting to technology is one, I have never been "tech savy" technology is becoming increasingly popular in our classrooms. I will definately need to become more efficient with technology and with computers.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Interactive Whiteboards in Today's Classroom

       Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) can be a useful tool if used correctly, but from my personal experience in high school none of my teachers used it as anything more than a normal whiteboard or a projector to watch videos on. I have never seen a need for them because they were used improperly and were so expensive. I saw it as a waste of federal dollars when it was the same lesson but on a board that costs a heck of alot more. While in SEDU 183, it has changed how I see these IWB's, because it has shown me how useful they can be.
       IWB's were sold as a "stepping stone" for student achievement and that these IWB's would help students increase their performance as a student. "It looks like whiteboards can be used in a way that can lull teachers into not using what we consider good instructional strategies."(Marzano, Some Educators) He said this after seeing the inconclusive test results of students who had used the IWB's in a class. I think the test results varied becuase some teachers used this new tool as a way to differentiate their classroom, while some teachers just used it as a normal whiteboard.
      In SEDU 183, we have used IWB's and we have played with the software. This has showed me that with this technology you can create a huge variation of interactive lessons. If used with proper use I believe a IWB can be an extremely useful tool in the classroom. This can help a lot with teachers who want to differentiate their classrooms. Teachers can create lessons or an activity for a classroom that can give the student a hands on approach at that lesson. Using one of these IWB's can help the teacher connect and help explain the idea to each student.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


From what I understand about differentiation, is that it is a way for teachers to teach the subject matter in different ways that will help students understand it. Differentiation involves a  variation of methods to reach students that have specific needs, this could be an audio version or a more hands on method for students who have these learning styles.
         In high school, I saw my teachers using differentiation. I had a geometry teacher, who would lecture, have models, and show us a video of the lesson. It seemed to be an effective method that targeted the three major learning styles. From what I saw in high school, most teachers tried to approach material in a variety of presenting the material to appeal to these different learners; but once I stepped into the college classroom I see that most professors don't take that approach and teach it the way that is most comfortable for them.
         I think technology can really help a teacher differentiate their classroom. On the internet a teacher or even a student can find countless videos, websites, games, or blogs that can discuss a lesson that a teacher can show their students. This will give students a group of different activities that explain a lesson.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Twitter and me

Twitter is a social network that gives you the ability to communicate with other educators from all across the globe. However, judging from our quiz we took it was not as effective as it could have been. The computers in our classroom are out dated and slow. Most of them still run on Internet Explorer, which don't have the capacity to run TweetDeck or google drive. This was a huge hassle that left me furious, because Twitter updated so slowly that by the time I could see a fellow class mates tweet it was four or five minutes old and we had moved onto a new question. In our classroom situation it would have been easier to just talk and communicate face to face with other students. I discovered that twitter was more problematic than it was helpful. I didn't use Twitter before this classroom, because I don't feel the need to talk about myself that much. When I teach in the future, I don't plan on using a lot of technology for the fact that when it's not running well it wastes time.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Final Frontier

This is my groups presentation, in it we show how technology helps the class room grow. This was our "call to action." I was surprised at how well our group worked together, we really worked as a team as there was little individual work that came from an individual rather most of all the work was a group effort with two or three points of view on our slides. I feel that using Google drive was an easier way to have collaboration occur than the traditional method of working as a group. In the article Peggy Etmer talks about how beliefs out weigh knowledge and that interferes with the teachers productivity and they should change their beliefs to enrich their teachings

Thursday, January 31, 2013

All about me

Hi my name is Matthew Schuster, I am currently a 2nd semester freshman at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. My major is Secondary Education in Physics. I am currently 18, my birthday is on February 16th.
Technology is a great tool for learning because with the internet people have access to endless amounts of information right at their finger tips. I made this blog in my Technology for teaching and learning class for the purpose of learning how to utilize technology for when I become a teacher. Hopefully with the skills I learn in this class I will be able to incorporate technology into my classroom one day. I feel like technology is a good way to help teach students because you can find many different examples of an idea.
I believe that teachers are the foundation of our country, because all citizens go through at least some schooling. If teachers can connect with students, they can become well informed and logical thinking members of society and can contribute to our nation. I think teachers are the keystone of our country and that is why I want to become a teacher.